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Women over 55 are the fastest growing homeless population in Australia

The Mangrove Group of companies are proud to support The Forgotten Women project that aims to provide homes for homeless women over 55. 

There are more than 39,000 Queensland women over the age of 55 who are doing it tough - suffering financial hardship driven by rising living and health costs, lack of employment, limited transportation, limited superannuation and a lack of affordable housing options.  Alarmingly, recent forecasts predict that this figure is set to double by 2036.


Older Homeless women are largely not characterised by rough sleeping and are significantly less visible than their male counterparts, often being described as the ‘hidden homeless’.   Vulnerable older women

are more likely to be staying with friends, living in a car, and/or physically ‘hiding’.


A large proportion of this cohort have limited or no prior experience of having to seek

assistance.  Not only do they frequently lack an understanding of the service system,

they have high levels of generational stigma associated with seeking welfare assistance.

The project will work with partners to raise funds and/or access discounted property options, to enable the purchase of a series of unit complexes (6 packs) in advantageous geographical areas, for the purpose of the provision of affordable housing to the target group of at risk women over the age of 55. 


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1 in every 7 people experiencing homelessness in Australia are over 55 years of age

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